London Mistresses – Maitresse Nuit


Dark and delicious wishes for a decadent and wondrous 2012!
Nuit’s Wednesdays will start in opulence as I celebrate my birthday on 11 January with a very special Tea party in my new abodes at the Lady’s Lair.

Maîtresse Nuit
+44(0)7722 889 772

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London Mistresses – London’s Miss Amy Hunter


Having spent several years as a popular spankee both on websites and in sessions, my skills as a Domme were built from my personal experiences, and over the last few years I have honed them to become a very firm – but usually fair -disciplinarian, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction.

Having been on the other end of the cane, so to speak, I am in an excellent position to know how it feels, both physically and psychologically.

Do not be fooled by my size; I may be 5 foot tall (in my stockinged, size 4 feet) but I can still command your attention and respect without resorting to shouting or unnecessary swearing.

I am also rather stronger than I look, and my hand spanking can often get through to those over my knee more intensely than a paddle or slipper would – you have been warned!

Corporal Punishment is my background, and is also my speciality – I am renowned for my skill and accuracy with implements – but I also have a fondness for imaginative role play and finding new ways of making my inner sadist smile. I relish the variety of scenarios and situations my work offers me; improvisation is a natural strength, and if you have a specific idea in mind, or just want a coherent, intelligent conversation or lecture then I am always happy to create that.

I train in martial arts, and do sometimes utilise my knowledge of holds and turn-overs to take advantage of people. My strong thighs can be most effective in choking you out, should the situation warrant it.

Think you can take on the role of my punchbag whilst I train some kicks and punches? Be careful what you ask for!

I now also offer face-sitting, smothering, and bottom worship, though only whilst wearing panties.

Having spent many years living in Glasgow, I am highly skilled with the tawse, and have delighted in applying my selection many times to bottoms, and also to hands. I also love to administer a no-nonsense caning, if given half a chance.

I love domestic scenarios especially, and enjoy using both corner/thinking/anticipation time and scolding as part of a punishment – I feel they can be just as effective as a good thrashing, so to combine them all can be quite devastating.

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London Mistress – Eliza van Gray

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London Mistress Claudia in her Dungeon with a strapped down slave

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London Mistress Akella


Strap On Play
Bondage & Discipline
Cock & Ball Torture
CP (I have a strong sadistic streak and especially physical pain)
Corporal Punishment
Double Domme
Domestic Service Training
Dog/puppy training
Erotic teasing & denial
Face slapping/Spitting
Financial Slavery
Foot/shoe/boot worship
Forced Feminisation
Hosiery Fantasies
Leather fetishes
Maid/slave training
Nipple play/torture
Roleplay fantasies
Slut training
Smoking Fetish/torture
Shoe/boot/foot worship
Wax play
Few words about me.
“I am interested in playing with and gaining pleasure from obedient, respectful, appreciative and generous subs and slaves. I am especially interested in long-term relationships with my subs – I extend your limits by delving into your mind and digging out things which you would not even have known about yourself. As I get to know you better, I will slowly make you surrender your freedom to me willingly until you exist to serve me”
+44 (0) 7910 – 658 – 087

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London Mistress Morana

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London Mistress Alexandra

Leather, rubber and rope bondage
Tease & Denial, Seduction
Humiliation, Degragation, Spitting, Interrogation
Ball Busting
Corporal Punishment, Accurate Caning, Whipping, Spanking
Genital Torture, CBT, NT
Slave Games, Slave Training, Dog Training
Foot Fetish, Trampling
Shoe, Boot and Gloves Fetish,
Forced Feminisation, Maid Training, TV Slut Training,
Strap-on Play,
All types of Role Play including Police, Prison, School, Medical and Adult Baby Scenarios
Knife Play, Needle Play

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London Foot Goddess – revamped website


Sadly, it is often the case that foot fetishists long to indulge in long-term foot worship relationships but are either too shy or are afraid of their partner’s reaction. Obviously there are those who fail to understand the thoughts and feelings of the foot-worshipper. This is generally due to inexperience and a lack of specialised training on the part of the worshipper.

I adore My feet and spend a great deal of time and money looking after them – the beautifully manicured toenails, the soft velvety skin, and love nothing more than to have them worshipped.
If you were craving perfectly aligned toes, beautifully curved arches and smooth, sensual soles you may have found your haven. I cater for all activities in foot worship, whether it be trampling with or without shoes, foot massage, toe sucking, face smothering, sniffing the aroma after a shopping trip or gym session, seeing them in nylons and high heels and so much more.

If you are a Foot Worshipping novice, I will train you to worship My Feet expertly and with absolute reverence. If you are experienced in the art of Foot Worship then I expect your performance to be of the highest standard, My Perfect size 5 Feet and shapely legs deserve nothing less!

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London Mistresses – Antonia Davenshaw will be doing double sessions with Lady Seductress and Mistress Domatella




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London Mistress Elita playing with strapon

My Services include:
Corporal Punishment
Ball Busting
Forced Feminisation/sissification
Tie and Tease
Forced Bi (request in advance)
Smoking Fetish
Body Worship (including face sitting, ass and foot worship)
Hot Wax
Breath Play
Face Slapping
Medical Fetish (does not include the administering of an enema)
Anal Play

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London Mistresses – Mistress Scarlett Thorne


For those of you who haven’t met me yet – beware – once you prick yourself on My Thornes then you may not recover. My name is Scarlett Thorne, AKA Charlotte Jones, though you may choose to call Me Mistress.

Let Me take you over…

I am a natural British Redhead, in My late twenties with a fabulous 36DD, 24, 35 figure. I have been brutalising boys professionally in London and internationally since My late teens. I am experienced and exceptional in all aspects of BDSM, fetishistic play and role play. I offer services from the sensual to the extreme and I never rush. I take My time to enter your mind, but once there, I may never leave…

I have extensive multi roomed chambers and crossdressing facilities in Central London, W2.  These premises and My crossdressing parlour are affectionately known as ‘The TrannyFlat’. They are for My exclusive use and the fabulous facilities located within in them are entirely Mine to do with as I please.

Visit My extensive website to find out more details of just exactly what it is that I can do to you…

Call or Text Me now on 07910 47 66 39 to experience your wildest fantasies turned into My very real perversions…

Advance appointment only.  NO witheld numbers.

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London Mistress Allure

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